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  • Psalm 42: Something from Nothing

Psalm 42: Something from Nothing

Challenges present themselves in all kinds of ways, and on a regular basis. It’s not all bad, for sure; but living is definitely not easy.

And by living, I don’t mean merely surviving our earthly existence. I’m referring to a quality of life; one that’s filled with the pursuit of the fullness and blessings of the One who gives life in the first place.

Know this, if we don’t choose the things we pursue in life, and choose wisely, we stand to lose more than we can comprehend.

What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? (Mark 8:36 NIV)

This isn’t my attempt at guilting or shaming anybody. It’s just, I didn’t understand such things until many futile years into my existence. I’d love to spare you some of that futility.

To begin the study, click on the link below. To make full-screen, click on the lower right icon. Advance through the presentation by using the arrows on the bottom of the window.

When you complete the presentation, go here to continue with the study.

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