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Preparing for More in 2013

Curiosity and Meekness

It’s been a busy season, full of normal family and holiday chores and blessings. This year, there is also the added privilege of filling book orders for my new book!!

So blog appearances have been a bit spottier than usual. And even today’s post is more of an announcement than a carefully researched essay; however, I wanted to give a heads up to get you thinking.

It’s December 31st. My mom’s 71st birthday . . . New Year’s Eve . . . and most importantly, a day to take stock.

In our ongoing story of redemption, this is a day for letting go of all that keeps us from embracing new opportunities in our journey of becoming; with curiosity and meekness, with humility and thanksgiving, and with the knowledge that we need more of God–Every. Single. Day.

In the next few days I’ll be posting the first in a news series: Revelation 2013. Knowing me, I can assure you, it will be unorthodox. But I am praying there will be revelation and inspiration for all who join in.

I hope you’ll consider following along in this study, to discover what God has in store!



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