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Lost & Found: A Journey of Faith

Lost & Found: A Journey of Faith


Available now from Amazon.com, Lost & Found: A Journey of Faith is the story of my search for God and myself in the midst of the challenges of my life. As a child, my longing for connection set me on a journey for happiness that almost destroyed me.

The revelation? We’ve been invited to become more alive in the faith and to become one Body.

How do we get beyond our present state, one that at its best may be comfortable and familiar, but at its worst, leaves us and others feeling alone and disconnected?

Drawing upon my own life and from my experiences in parenting an adult son with severe mental illness, I invite you to see God, yourselves and others more deeply.

Lost & Found: A Journey of Faith reminds us that we’ve been invited to participate in the process of working out our salvation. This is the most important work we can ever do.

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